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Highly Automated Drone System for Security Applications

Many things are best seen from above – so it’s not surprising that drones are currently experiencing a boom. They can be used for all kinds of surveillance and monitoring activities as well as aerial photographs and filming. Drones are ideal for simple, precise and inexpensive monitoring of containers, premises or carparks, for instance. Drones can thus make a valuable addition to existing security systems. However, the drawback with currently available systems is that they perform their tasks without perceiving the surroundings. Another disadvantage is that the drones have to be remote-controlled by a human, or require human intervention.

M2M Interface

This is where IAV comes in: we develop bespoke, customized solutions for system-integrated drones that do more than just completing a defined route. During their mission, they are also capable of responding to their surrounding environment. The machine-to-machine interfaces (M2M) developed by IAV eliminate the need for remote control by a person. The mission is defined by a machine. These aerial vehicles are ready for use 24/7 and will permit completely new applications in future.

Building Surveillance and Industrial Security

Possible scenarios for system-integrated drones include among others the surveillance of buildings and the security of industrial premises. In all kinds of high-security infrastructure, our system helps with monitoring and surveillance, serving to enhance security. For example, IAV has developed a framework that connects a drone directly with an alarm system or with a computer. The machine starts the drone automatically on the basis of external signals and information about the weather and the surroundings, and lands it again accordingly with utmost precision. In other words, the mission runs without any human intervention. The combination of object detection, AI-based image analysis, perimeter surveillance and M2M control forms a strong team.

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Modular and Customized

The system is modular in structure and can be adapted to the needs of each individual customer. IAV offers customized solutions of all kinds, from thermal cameras for special night-time requirements to tethered or untethered drones.

"The crucial advantage that we offer is that our system can be adapted to all applications and integrated seamlessly in every infrastructure."

Enrico Neumann — Team Leader Drone Development

As well as being modular in structure, there is one special feature that makes our drones stand out: they can be integrated in existing systems. No matter what the customer’s infrastructure, IAV integrates the drone seamlessly. Whatever the application, our experts develop the hardware and software for highly automated system-integrated drones with M2M interface. The high level of integration offered by proven components and smart software warrants that missions are accomplished safely and reliably. Here we revert to proven engineering methods and tools used in the automotive sector. This one-stop-shop solution makes it easier than ever to have vulnerable objects monitored automatically by drones in the interests of optimum security.

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