Live Crash Tests: IAV-S Rescue Training

After a traffic accident, minutes or even seconds can make the difference between life and death. Rescue workers, many of whom are also volunteers, not only assume a great deal of responsibility, but also operate under enormous time pressure.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly in an emergency, IAV Fahrzeugsicherheit GmbH (IAV-S) offers a training program for rescue workers at its crash facilities in Gifhorn (Lower Saxony) and Grossmehring (Bavaria). This allows emergency services to monitor freely selectable live crash scenarios and drive their rescue vehicles directly to the scene of the accident in a hall equipped with technology.

The rescue workers receive support from the firefighting instructors of the “Lukas Rescue League”. The manufacturers of rescue tools and equipment, Lukas Hydraulik GmbH as well as Vetter GmbH, are involved in the training courses as partners and provide the latest technology for use on sheet metal. Special rules apply to e-cars at IAV-S, so high-voltage training is also on the agenda.