Mobility Made to Measure: Smart Cargobike and Mobility Platform

From the software in the vehicle through to an overriding management platform for fleet management, monitoring and after-sales: as a specialist for vehicle technology, IAV offers made-to-measure developments and complex mobility systems. With a view to New Mobility, IAV transfers its know-how from the automotive sector to the bicycle. IAV’s smart Cargobike ensures swift, efficient and zero-emission deliveries.

Many cities struggle to cope with the densification of living space and the constantly growing number of road users. To reconcile growing demand for mobility with heavy traffic and limited traffic areas, IAV is working on connected services that can be combined as individual modular elements in a comprehensive mobility platform. The Cargobike is just one example of a possible solution for transportation in the (sub-)urban setting.

Whether food, fashion or drugstore items, today nearly anything can be delivered to the door. The range of connected services covering all aspects of the Cargobike supports the whole logistics chain, from fleet management, scheduling and route optimization to securing the goods being delivered. During actual delivery, couriers benefit from the camera-based follow-me function: after one single teach-in, the courier does not have to get on the bike or push it for every short distance. The bike automatically recognizes the courier and follows him/her at walking pace.

Convenient delivery, easy use and safe transport

The user, in this case, the courier, is at the heart of it all. The practical follow-me function makes everyday routines much easier for the courier. Nor is there any need to worry about securing the cargo: this is stored in a spacious transport box that can only be opened when the courier is in the immediate vicinity. And so whatever is in the box is always firmly secured.

The Cargobike platform is an end-to-end solution including a frontend application in the form of a smartphone app that shows the courier his/her individual route and relevant information about the vehicle. It is also connected to a backend server where all processes are computed and saved.

View of the whole fleet

DiSA (Digital Service Assistant) is a smart, clearly structured dashboard that makes it easy for car sharing providers, logistics companies and fleet management to look after vehicle pools. The online service allows the state of all vehicles from bike to truck to be monitored and evaluated, including all key operating and maintenance parameters, at any time on a global scale. When a limit value is detected, such as low tire pressure, the system automatically informs the driver and fleet operator so that remedial action can be taken. Where more serious problems are concerned, it is also possible to make a direct appointment with the service center.

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The Cargobike platform is also used for scheduling. Routing and deployment planning helps to save resources while ensuring time-saving, cost efficient staff deployment. This optimization function is based on a smart algorithm that clusters orders and allocates them to suitable vehicle types and routes depending on scope and deadlines.

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