Optimized Processes for Model-Based Calibration

The product IAV EasyDoE provides many new features, including templates and data plausibility checks

IAV EasyDoE has proven its value for many years – soon in a new release under the name of IAV Kasai – as a tool for model-based calibration using the “Design of Experiments” method. The product significantly reduces testing time and ensures consistent and optimized processes. It also provides an easy way of making expertise available because with the template concept, it reliably guides inexperienced users through the calibration process. IAV EasyDoE underwent significant improvement last year, with additional features planned for 2017.

IAV EasyDoE assists the calibration engineer throughout the entire model-based calibration process. Before conducting measurements, the product helps to define the task and design the experiment. Then it assists the user in preparing data and modeling, in optimization and evaluation as well as in calibrating the control unit. “IAV EasyDoE introduces a consistent and optimized process which, in terms of quality standards, are transparent and can be documented”, says Dr. Carsten Haukap, Project Manager and Product Manager for IAV EasyDoE. “For us, the process concept was central because calibration involves constantly recurring activities – such as calibrating vehicle derivatives on the platform of a base vehicle.”

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Easy way to share knowledge from experience

In processes like these, IAV EasyDoE also leads to faster and better results, such as when used by new members of staff without any distinct specialist knowledge. Experienced users can incorporate their knowledge in templates which are stored in a database where it is available across teams or the entire company.

“The product not only guides inexperienced users through the entire process – it also provides key settings for the methods needed and for the definition of ranges”, explains Nino Sandmeier, development engineer at IAV. As a result of its plug-in concept, IAV EasyDoE is open to many applications. The plug-ins include “OptiMap” for globally optimizing the maps of diesel and gasoline engines in terms of consumption, as well as “RBot” which carries out an optimization on the basis of an existing map structure in order, for example, to reduce consumption without increasing emissions.

“OptiPoints” is used for optimizing the calibration of commercial vehicles. It offers a standardized process that optimizes emissions at the operating points prescribed by the legislation both in a steady state as well as globally in the cycle. Finally, during the advance development phase, “Tradeoff” is used for carrying out tests to compare hardware. Besides the functionalities provided by IAV, users can also integrate their own plug-ins into IAV EasyDoE.

Rule-based quality control

Last year, many new functions were integrated into IAV EasyDoE. Apart from the template concept, these also include the “Data Quality Check”: This data plausibility check uses a rule-based concept to identify and remove outlier in measured data, among other things. “These rules are created by the user who can draw on an expertise-based catalog we provide with the tool for this purpose”, Dr. Haukap says. “The Data Quality Check can even check large data volumes for quality which would be extremely time-consuming and work-intensive if done manually.”

New are also the multiple local models in IAV EasyDoE. “These let the user generate up to 20 models at 100 operating points”, Sandmeier says. “Here, it is possible to use as many as three reference variables, such as engine speed, load and transmission step, to define the operating point.” The template concept makes it easy to adopt many definitions. Using the local models, calibration engineers can, for example, easily and quickly compare various calibration concepts at a high level of precision.

Shared pool of licenses

Further changes have been made to installing the tool and to the license model. Installed via the network, an administrator can install and manage IAV EasyDoE on a centralized basis – without users having to do it. The new license model with “floating licenses” enables a large pool of users to share the tool even if no personal license is available for each user. As long as the maximum number is not exceeded, licenses can be checked out from the pool.

IAV EasyDoE is available in many countries beyond Europe, Japan and North America: IAV cooperates with various resellers (in Brazil, India, China and South Korea) so that customers are provided with support in their own language.

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