Personalized Comfort: the Smart Future for Vehicle Air-Conditioning

Conditions inside the vehicle are just as pleasant when driving through icy winter nights as on hot summer days or when it rains in the fall. Everyone in the car feels cozy and comfortable, thanks to IAV’s smart A/C control. The system knows the individual comfort preferences and adjusts the air-conditioning system automatically.

The users each enter their own personal temperature settings, which are saved by the A/C control system. Taking constant account of the prevailing ambient temperature, the system adjusts air-conditioning inside the vehicle to ensure maximum comfort for the occupants.

The A/C system of tomorrow knows what users want: following a brief teach-in period, there is no further need to intervene in the A/C control, even when there’s a change in temperature.

Cozy comfort thanks to self-learning algorithms

Not an easy thing: individual comfort in the vehicle depends on smart, self-learning algorithms that register and evaluate many different data and physical states. The aim is to detect, with great reliability, the difference between the thermal boundary conditions and the driver’s actual comfort levels, thus resulting in individual well-being.

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The rapid development of artificial intelligence opens up innovative application models for the mobility of tomorrow. In future, AI will make it possible to personalize comfort settings in the vehicle: the use of artificial intelligence facilitates the situation-related provision of individual comfort.

At our CES booth, Westgate Paradise Center, booth 821, we will show you how using the smart A/C control system with an adaptive user profile works in practice.