Smart Guide – Next Level Navigation

IAV’s new navigation concept Smart Guide makes child’s play of finding the right route through unknown cities, without any additional display and without voice announcements.

As in conventional satnavs, the driver enters his/her destination and the Smart Guide calculates the fastest route including the time it will take. At the same time, it also calculates alternative routes in real time that can get to the destination within the time window calculated before. The software keeps updating those routes permanently in relation to the vehicle’s current position and the traffic situation.

The route appears on the windshield: for the driver, it seems to be directly on the road ahead, thanks to augmented reality. Smart Guide therefore does away with the often imprecise voice announcements and unclear route markings on a little display, as is the case with conventional satnav systems.

The system’s real advantages come into play when the driver has to make a detour around unforeseen hindrances. In this case, the driver knows immediately, for example, that the road on the left will lead to the destination within the calculated time window, but not the road on the right.

The Smart Guide also makes it very easy to cope with particularly complex crossroads, traffic roundabouts or unknown multi-lane roads. The driver just has to follow the markings on the windshield to get to his/her destination safely and on time. This reduces stress, avoids abrupt lane changes and also helps to prevent accidents. The Smart Guide by IAV thus raises vehicle navigation to the next level.

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