Smart Speech – Next Level Voice Control

“I want to hear my favorite songs”, pipes up a child’s voice from the back seat. Automatically, the vehicle starts playing the right music file. But it doesn’t stop at the next ice cream parlor, which is the next thing the child wants. A bit later, the car brakes in front of a house and the driver says “we’ll park here”. The car automatically finds a parking space. IAV’s concept for a new kind of voice control comes yet another step closer to the vision of a fully voice-controlled vehicle.

Smart Speech interacts individually with different passengers: natural language understanding makes sure it reacts appropriately to commands. The system has a novel personalization feature: the software recognizes different persons and responds to them differently, depending on whether it is the driver, her son or an unknown passenger who is talking. This is possible thanks to individualized assignment of rights in conjunction with zone detection which ascertains whether the voice comes from the driving seat, the passenger seat or the back seat.

For individual rights to be assigned, each person registers their voice once, resulting in individual profiles. The profiles are given different rights in the vehicle, defining for example that only adult passengers operate the satnav, while the entertainment systems can also be operated by the children. Commands from unknown persons could be ignored completely, which should make it harder to steal cars in future.


Furthermore, the system can allocate different interests and preferences to the various persons: it knows the children’s favorite music or suggests certain restaurants as destinations for the satnav. Smart Speech can also be coupled with other applications. For example, it can send messages to contacts in the address book and draw attention to interesting news on the internet. It can also detect special offers on shopping portals, make corresponding suggestions and trigger an order directly if so wanted.

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