The New Emissions Lab Also Does Electric

Increasingly strict emission regulations, new measurement parameters and country-specific test cases: the growing complexity of modern powertrains is also causing an increase in the requirements for measurements and test systems. IAV’s new test bench in Berlin offers state-of-the-art measuring technology for all gaseous standard emissions and for particulate mass and number. Hybrid and electric vehicles can also be tested here.

Based on its many years of experience in testing and measuring methods, IAV has created an infrastructure consisting of state-of-the-art measuring devices and equipment for the overall vehicle, systems and components.

The emission roller dynamometer 4 commissioned in October expands the range of services that IAV offers its customers. The high-performance test facility can be used for investigating passenger cars, medium-duty commercial vehicles up to an overall weight of 4770 kg as well as electrified vehicles. The all-wheel drive chassis dynamometer provides system output of 150 kW per axle with precise, reproducible test results.

Broad testing range, more driving cycles

Over and beyond the WLTP test method, the facility can also be used for more demanding proprietary test profiles, in addition to the statutory driving cycles. Besides the CVS (constant volume sampling) emission measurement required by law, the new test lab also offers continuous measuring processes, making the right tool for on-going development support.

»By expanding our capacities with a facility that goes beyond the statutory standards, we offer our customers real added value.«

Bernd Poytinger — Head of Department for Roller Chassis Dynamometers

In the interests of maximum measurement reproducibility and realistic replication of road traffic scenarios, our new test facility will also work with driving robots in combination with our proven simulation environment.

This facility too is capable of multiple-shift operation to meet customers’ SOP deadlines.

Quick charging station as anchor point for e-vehicle measurements

Overall efficiency is boosted by optimum integration of the various parts in IAV’s new facility.

From early 2021 at the latest, IAV will have a 300 kW DC quick charging station for hybrid and battery electric vehicles in the test chamber, with the possibility of carrying out cruising range measurements. Furthermore, special measuring equipment can be used for differentiated analyses of battery energy flows, for instance when charging and recuperating.

Efficient battery management and thorough control of the battery storage units are essential prerequisites for guaranteeing the safety of electric cars and achieving the longest possible range.

The new facility is yet another bit of high-tech that has moved into our listed former bus depot dating back to 1927. As a result, IAV has four highly advanced roller dynamometers in Berlin alone, all fitted with the very latest emission measurement systems. They also include a climate roller dynamometer that can be adjusted to temperatures from minus 30°C to plus 40°C within an overall pressure range of 1000 to 500 mbar.

“Besides offering our customers pioneering turnkey solutions for emission testing, the new test bench also provides support for testing and developing electric drive systems”; says Thorsten Stappenbeck, Senior Vice President for Test Facilities at IAV.

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