"Es gibt einen hohen Anteil autoaffiner Ingenieure. Man arbeitet also mit Leuten zusammen, die ähnlich gestrickt sind."

Dr. Yacin Bongers, Entwicklungsingenieur more

1 Job

als Student in Guyancourt (F)

    • Guyancourt (F)

    Ihre Aufgaben

    • Provide evaluation of the current state of the art in autonomous driving (machine learning approaches)
    • Implementation of a framework based on CUDA/ ROS for supervised learning
    • Development of a module that is capable to detect / track features (such as lane information) and use these to learn longitudinal and lateral control of a 1 :10 scale race car
    • Implement module in simulation (Gazebo) and on race car platform (proof of concept)
    • Recordkeeping
    • Optional tasks depending on candidates interest / qualification / time-constraints
    • Support during the actual racing competition
    • Support in writing an academic article