IAV the Tech Solution Provider

As one of the leading global engineering partners, IAV develops the mobility of the future. Regardless of the specific manufacturer, our engineering is proving itself in vehicles and technologies all over the world.

About us
With 40 years of experience and an unmatched range of expertise, we combine the best of many different worlds: automotive and IT, hard- and software, products and services. With 7,600 employees and first-class technical resources, we help our customers to bring projects to fruition. Our goal: better mobility.


Our success is based on a workforce of more than 7,600 employees, most of them engineers.

>837 mln
Annual sales

Annual sales of more than € 837 million highlight the scope in which we provide our services, from customized solutions on the local scale through to major international volume production projects.


We have been taken innovations reliably to the level of manufacturing readiness for more than 40 years. After starting as a spin-off from Berlin University of Technology, today IAV is one of the world's largest engineering companies.


Engine Calibration & Hardware Design

IAV offers integration of all powertrain hardware components into the vehicle (ICE, FC, transmission, e-traction, battery, fuel system, peripheral components, etc.) as well as vehicle ECU software development and engineering services.

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Transmission Calibration

From concept to production readiness, IAV has the tech expertise and methodical know-how to develop and validate highly efficient ICE and hybrid propulsion systems.


Electric & Electronics

IAV offers the development and integration of vehicle electronics systems and infotainment. An ever-growing number of features including phone, navigation, apps or mobile internet access have to be developed, integrated and tested long before real test vehicles are available, not only for combustion but also electric vehicles (EV).

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Vehicle Runs

We work together with IAV GmbH’s large number of test facilities and laboratories with which complete vehicles, complete and partial systems as well as components through their paces can be worked on, both for combustion and electric vehicles.


ADAS - Driver Assistance Systems

From Driver Assistance to Automated Driving: With SAE Level 3 coming to market, many OEMs and suppliers are already working on Level 4 and Level 5 fleet testing. IAV has been involved in a wide range of research and development from ADAS to fully automated driving, including sensor development, function development, and control development. Not only for combustion vehicles, but also electric vehicles.

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