Environmental Goals

IAV Automotive Engineering Inc. provides engineering services to the automotive industry, carrying out innovative research and development projects and making new, eco-friendly drive concepts ready for mass production.

Hand in hand with clients, IAV looks for solutions that ease the strain on resources. Geared toward developing state-of-the-art vehicles and automotive components that are economical and kind to the environment, IAV develops the vehicle of tomorrow.

Through IAV's engineering work, an important contribution is made to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, thereby realizing low CO2 drive concepts; for example, by permitting the use of regenerative energy sources on an increasing scale.

Entire vehicle expertise allows IAV to improve the efficiency of a product that is manufactured one million times over – the automobile. In work processes, too, IAV engineers are careful to protect the environment and constantly search for improvement.

With an impressive capacity for innovation and a similar competency for development, IAV is dedicated to helping clients achieve both their development and environmental goals.