automotion 2016 – Issue 01

Focus: Automotive Goes Digital
IT and automotive development are moving closer together. Digital services, of the type familiar from smartphones for example, are increasingly finding their way into the cockpit and turning the connected car into a rolling device.

IT and automotive industry are merging. A round table on healthy competition, new solutions, future technologies and IAV’s cooperation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise
How does the automotive industry need to adjust to this new mobility and associated solutions at the interface to the consumer? In this talk with the experts (...) More
Mobility engineering for new mobility concepts and business models
Mobility is changing: What we take for granted today was inconceivable a hundred years ago. And the industry is facing major changes in the future (...) More
Vehicle sensors deliver patterns of behavior – the key to better maps and driver assistance systems
Not only signs draw attention to traffic rules or particular circumstances along the road. It is also possible to draw conclusions (...) More
How data can be used for new services, like traffic and weather forecasts
A gigantic network of millions of traveling sensors: That’s road traffic. But the data from the measuring equipment on board vehicles is not yet (...) More
A tool chain from IAV makes it possible to validate and optimize bus communication in a targeted way
Constantly growing demands on safety and comfort in the vehicle are leading to an ever greater flow of data in the vehicle. (...) More
Developing comfort and safety functions – communication via V2X and the cloud
Highly automated driving is one of the most important innovations in the automotive industry. Many OEMs, component suppliers (...) More
Consulting, development, project management for automotive apps and connecting them to backends: IAV has comprehensive expertise for integrating mobile devices into the vehicle
Since 2010, IAV has consolidated its expertise (...) More
Solutions from third-party providers in telematics systems – open interfaces are in greater demand than ever
Without telematics solutions, OEMs will soon become the competition losers – telematics solutions boost the brand’s attractiveness (...) More
IAV has developed a gateway that can integrate the high-speed network into trucks or agricultural machinery
The CAN bus is facing competition. Owing to its higher bandwidth, Automotive Ethernet is meanwhile finding its way into vehicles. (...) More
IAV uses state-of-the-art measuring systems to test new functions in the connected car
Dead spot or defect in the car? This question will probable occur more frequently in future, with increasing numbers of vehicle functions depending (...) More


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