automotion 2016 – Issue 02

Focus: New test processes – new engineering
The introduction of RDE, WLTP and tighter CO2 limits in the NEDC is currently keeping the automotive industry very busy. This is why, in this edition, we will be presenting our answers to the new challenges and future engineering solutions.

From discrete system development for engines and transmissions to the integrated, all-encompassing approach to the powertrain
The conventional internal combustion engine is facing increasing pressure. (...) More
A virtual vehicle on a virtual test bench permits robust calibration in a short time
When real driving emissions (RDE) are crucial to approving vehicles in less than two years, the work of the calibrators will become even more challenging (...) More
The IAV emission coordinator matches engine to exhaust gas aftertreatment control
Unlike test cycles, such as NEDC or WLTC, measurements based on real driving emissions (RDE) prescribe no set speed-lead profiles. (...) More
IAV uses its expertise in the whole vehicle to analyze sustainability
From producing raw materials to recycling: To compute a vehicle’s ecological consequences in a life cycle assessment (LCA) (...) More
The life cycle assessment evaluates drive system variants from producing raw materials to recycling
What impact does a vehicle with a specific powertrain have on the environment? (...) More
IAV is developing a new generation of lithium-ion batteries with a planar structure
The battery is a key component in deciding the success of e-vehicles. This is why manufacturers have set themselves ambitious (...) More
IAV tool for designing mechanical engine systems leaves you wanting for nothing
Both IAV Engine and IAV Engine Toolbox are integrated tools for developing and optimizing mechanical engine systems. With IAV Engine (...) More
A new IAV tool makes it possible to select the optimum cables for the high-voltage vehicle electric system
High amperages and some confined packages: During operation, high-voltage cables in hybrid and electric vehicles can get very hot (...) More
Standardized IAV measurement process in production enhances reproducibility and helps ensure quality
It is necessary to perform and evaluate many measurements to introduce new engine software or a new data record or to release production statuses (...) More
The flexPi bidirectional interface provides access to the high-voltage system in vehicles
With their high-performance high-voltage batteries, hybrid and electric vehicles could also supply external power consumers. (...) More


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