automotion 2016 – Issue 03

Focus: Commercial vehicle engineering
Whether trucks, delivery vans, agricultural machinery, mobile work machines or vessels: developers, manufacturers and purchasers are all focusing on boosting efficiency. Let us introduce you to pioneering technologies and new approaches.

Less CO2, less nitrogen oxide and less sulfur thanks to environmentally friendly fuel and intelligent engine control
Engine management based on cylinder pressure makes gaseous-fuel engines on ships more efficient without any negative impact on nitrogen oxide (...) More
Basic principles of automated seat tests can be transferred from the passenger car and applied to the commercial vehicle
In testing commercial vehicle seats and interior, developers must consider boundary conditions that differ from those of the passenger car. (...) More
IAV's Remote Infotainment TestLab makes expert know-how available on a global scale, saving on travel and transport costs
Functional testing of infotainment systems has to be done by experts. But they no longer have to sit right next to the device in question. IAV has a remote testing (...) More
Adaptive flaps at the truck rear end reduce fuel consumption by 2.4 percent under real-world conditions
(…) More
Tracking noise and the sources of vibrations with state-of-the-art measuring systems for quieter commercial vehicles
European legislative bodies are increasingly passing strict regulations on commercial vehicles in terms of acoustic and vibration behavior. The aforementioned (...) More
Standstill air-conditioning with zeolite/water adsorption circuit: CO2-free comfort for the driver
Truck drivers have to take a break of at least 45 minutes every four-anda-half hours. However, this does not apply to the engine, particularly in the summer. The (...) More
Tailor-made IAV solutions for the commercial vehicle industry
The demands on radio and navigation systems for commercial vehicles cannot really differ all that much from those familiar from the passenger car – you might think. (...) More
Weather data are the basis for economic assessment of alternative energy supply systems
Anyone planning a modern energy supply system today is faced initially by a huge choice of components for converting energy, including PV modules, wind turbines or (...) More
ORC is the answer to recovering waste heat efficiently and economically
Alarge part of the energy in fuel is still being lost unused in exhaust gas as it leaves the exhaust pipe. This makes recuperating waste heat a core (…) More
IAV advance engineering process finds optimum system solution for every application
At the moment, the European market for heavy-duty trucks still tends to be dominated by automated manual transmissions (AMT). However, in many cases an alternative (...) More


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