IAV Presents Car-Commerce Application in Las Vegas

Drive2Shop at CES 2018

With Drive2Shop, IAV brought a splash of color to the CES Consumer Electronics Show. In Las Vegas, it presented the Drive2Shop car-commerce application, a digital marketplace for motorists. Feedback from visitors was extremely positive.

Attracting visitors’ attention, IAV provided a real looker at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas: Drive2Shop, a unique car-commerce application which is to be launched on the German market in January 2020.

“Visitor interest at CES by far exceeded our expectations”, says Christian Müller-Bagehl, Executive Vice President for Cockpit Electronics & Telematics at IAV. “Last year, our ‘AutoMotive MarketPlace” showcase proved to be a huge success. We have enhanced the technology, extended the platform and decided to introduce a new name. Drive2Shop has enormous potential to make everyday life easier for car drivers, this being shown and confirmed in many conversations.”

Hardware and software producers presented their new developments at CES 2018 from January 9 to 12. Which technologies will be relevant in coming years? This is the question that attracts well over 100,000 visitors to Las Vegas every year, making CES one of the world’s biggest electronics shows. For some years now, vehicle manufacturers have also been exhibiting there – for example, showcasing their answers to advancing digitalization.

This is where Drive2Shop comes in. “Autonomous driving is tomorrow’s big issue for the automotive industry”, explains Timm Kellermann, Managing Director of IAV’s Consulting4Drive subsidiary. “But even now we want to give drivers and their families an opportunity to make use of time in the car securely and efficiently.” Drive2Shop turns the car into a digital marketplace. The application connects drivers and their families with local retailers. This way, they can make their purchases easily and efficiently.

Drive2Shop frees up time

This is how it works: consumers write shopping and wish lists in familiar surroundings, such as in their homes, on their smartphone or tablet. Shopping lists contain products that are needed every day and are perfect for the weekly shop. This list can be made together with family and friends and shared with them. Drive2Shop wants to leave more time for people. Shopping lists are easy to compile in the cloud via the Drive2Shop app, using barcode scans or manual product searches. Customer reviews and intelligent filters help to make choices. Payment takes place by secure transaction from the vehicle.

Drive2Shop is always available to car drivers and their families: via app on a smartphone or tablet, but also in the car itself of course. The application can even be used securely by voice input while driving. The cloud can be used for saving short-term errands as well as longheld wishes. This constantly gives users the complete picture of things to do and get.

The system’s benefits are obvious. Instead of having to wait long times for a delivery or pick up goods from the parcel collection point, the consumer takes delivery of products directly, can check them and, if necessary, draw attention to any flaws. Car drivers and their families can run everyday errands without making detours. This saves them time they can invest in life’s really important things: family and friends, hobbies and interests.

Information source and advertising space for retailers

But consumers are not the only ones to benefit from Drive2Shop. For local retailers, the marketplace is both a source of information and advertising space. Drive2Shop lets them know what customers want, adjust their product range accordingly and inform customers about tailored offers. There are no shipping and delivery costs because customers collect their purchases themselves. All this helps the local brick-and-mortar retailers to position themselves more efficiently, increase their turnover and survive in the wake of growing competition from online retailers.

From the vehicle manufacturers’ perspective, the most important benefit is the direct digital contact Drive2Shop gives them. For the first time, they have the possibility of constantly communicating with their customers – and do so under their own brand name because the application recedes into the background as a white label. Automakers can appreciate drivers’ wishes and those of their families and, in this way, build long-term customer relationships.

From means of transport to digital everyday helper

A manufacturer’s own brand and the vehicles themselves are upgraded: from being just a means of transport to becoming a digital everyday helper that saves time by combining driving and shopping. No additional devices are needed for integrating Drive2Shop into the vehicle, manufacturers can simply build the application into an existing infotainment system. Drive2Shop can, of course, be customized and adapted to the particular brand or model.

Besides the specific benefits to the stakeholders involved, one subject was of particular interest and importance to many of the interlocutors at CES: the benefit of Drive2Shop to society as a whole. “I am pleased that Drive2Shop delivers convincing answers in this respect too”, Müller-Bagehl says.

Because Drive2Shop helps brick-and-mortar retailers, making downtown areas more attractive with more quality of life for people. Unnecessary delivery journeys are avoided, there is less traffic in towns and cities, emission levels are reduced. If retailers can plan their offerings more efficiently, there is less they need to throw away – this also helps to conserve resources.

And last but not least, Kellermann points out that Drive2Shop is the first major innovation in this field to come from Europe: “We see the chance of being able to shape the future of digital commerce from Germany.”