automotion 2018 – Issue 02

Focus topic: Full Speed Ahead
The automotive industry is accelerating its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve climate and energy efficiency targets. The focus is on future powertrains and energy sources. We dare to look into the near future, design possible scenarios and give an overview of the use of different energy sources.

Which energy sources will define mobility around 2030 and beyond? (…) More
What will tomorrow’s powertrain look like? (…) More
From developers for developers: IAV Xingu for smart, scalable dataset management and (…) More
Battery electric vehicles are seen as the best answer (…) More
How will it be possible to maintain personal mobility in future while at the same time lowering its emissions? (…) More
Blockchains are said to have great potential for completely transforming whole industries (…) More
Friction and wear play an ever increasing role in automotive engineering (…) More
Pre-chamber ignition is a key technology for successively improving (…) More
EMBATT technology has reached an important milestone (…) More
Futuristic design, state-of-the-art entertainment, including virtual reality, and (…) More


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