automotion 2018 – Issue 03

Focus topic: The Future Is Now
The commercial vehicle industry is challenged - transport volumes are rising, the growing online trade and the individualization of the end customer business demand flexible and economical solutions. We focus on our broad technological competence in drive and software development, digitalization and autonomous driving and realize the future today.

Growth drivers and challenges in the commercial vehicle sector
The automation of vehicles, the elec- trification of their drive systems and digital connectivity of the logistics chain will radically change the market for commercial vehicles. More
IAV and Cummins test mobile measuring system – oil consumption can be predicted more precisely
Oil emissions from the engine waste money and interfere with exhaust gas aftertreatment. IAV has now developed a mobile version of its proven, long-standing measurement technology to cope with this problem. More
Evaporative cooling plus Rankine cycle: IAV is making heat recovery attractive in the truck
IAV and KRONE are working together on electrifying agricultural machinery
Higher-precision work processes, more accurate diagnoses and an immediate quantification of harvest results: in agricultural machinery engineering, much speaks in favor of using a 48-volt system that makes it possible to replace some of the mechanical and hydraulic drives with electric motors. Working hand in hand with agricultural machinery manufacturer KRONE, IAV is therefore developing a demonstrator that reveals the potential of electrification using the example of a mower unit. More
IAV solution integrates various components – tailored to each application
The commercial vehicle segment is seeing a growing demand for electric powertrains. With IAV Elocity, IAV offers a modular e-powertrain that can be tailored to fit the requirements of any customer. More
Joint venture partners IAV, Tassima and Ziehl-Abegg provide major cities with sustainable mobility
In many metropolises, tourists use doubledeckers converted into an open-top bus for city sightseeing tours. Yet nearly all these historic vehicles are driven by outdated diesel engines which, with frequent starts, stops and idlling, create unwelcome noise, vibrations and emissions. More
IAV is developing dedicated solutions for on-road and non-road applications
Tighter emission limits in the heavyduty segment are demanding new combustion processes for commercial vehicles. IAV is setting store by a combination of measures and by innovative, model-based development methods. More
The gasoline combustion process is becoming an option that must be taken seriously for commercial applications
Only few things would appear to be as inseparable as commercial vehicles and diesel engines. This could soon change because the interest in gasoline engines for commercial vehicles and mobile work machines is growing. Further drastic reductions in emission ceilings across the world are further pushing up the costs for exhaust gas aftertreatment. More
DEKRA and IAV are cooperating on driving tests for commercial vehicles and are planning to deepen their partnership
At Klettwitz, in the German state of Brandenburg, DEKRA (German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association), operates a large automobile test center where, in cooperation with IAV, customers from the commercial vehicle sector are assisted in activities, such as conducting constant speed tests. More
New truck cab designs promise lower fuel consumption,– but also demand a rethinking of steering and wheelbase
EU directive 2015/719 permits longer truck cabs if they are able to enhance safety and aerodynamics. More


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