Hydrogen-Based Electric Mobility Suitable For Everyday Use

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles are a particular convenient and efficient form of electric drive; they have travelling ranges of several hundred kilometers and can be refueled in a few minutes. This is why IAV has been working on this promising alternative for many years which provides electric propulsion suitable for everyday use in heavy passenger cars and commercial vehicles, too. In order to speed up the technology’s market entry, numerous tasks in the fields of research, advance development and production-ready engineering have to be performed. For this purpose, the experts at IAV have a test station for fuel cell stacks (up to 180 kW) and fuel cell systems (up to 150 kW). The test station enables the developers to test components of the fuel cell drive system under realistic vehicle conditions at an early stage of the development process. It is suitable for endurance tests (such as for analyzing aging), function tests as well as system characterization and configuration (operating modes and control). With IAV’s activities in the field of hydrogen mobility, the electrolyzer projected by IAV provides a further key building block for effective and sustainable sector coupling. With the all-embracing approach behind its engineering building blocks for hydrogen mobility, IAV is ideally prepared for future development work from the area of sector coupling.