We’re Getting the Test Bench Onto the Road!

Calibrating and testing modern commercial vehicles means looking at an ever growing number of powertrain combinations under real-world conditions – a major organizational and economic challenge for manufacturers because this often involves traveling long distances and getting official approvals. Dynamometer tests are hardly an alternative because they are expensive and only provide limited capacities. The time taken to set up a test bench or dynamometer must not be underestimated either.
In future there will be a solution that will significantly broaden the capabilities of driving tests. A standard semitrailer for EU truck-trailer combinations is provided with two braked axles that increase the vehicle’s tractive resistance. This way, it is possible to conduct tests irrespective of road topography and actual vehicle weight. Standard interfaces permit a simple exchange of data with the tractor and the connected measuring systems. Given the good reproducibility of test conditions, this solution provides a cost-effective and efficient alternative to dynamometer testing.