automotion 2019 – Issue 01

Focal topic: The vehicle as code
Digitization is revolutionizing the world of work – Virtual and Augmented Reality are offering totally new possibilities for producing development results faster and more cost-effectively. The readiness to “share” skills, knowledge and information is becoming a key aspect of development success. That is why IAV consistently champions digital engineering and shows what is possible with digitization.
Design thinking, collaborative working, new skills: the future lies in digital engineering
The automotive industry is changing rapidly and, with it, the development processes. This is why IAV will be making consistent use of “digital engineering” in future. (...) More
Worldwide collaboration, new forms of training and the “future workplace”: IAV focuses on virtual and augmented reality
Telephone and video conferences were yesterday because the future lies in xReality (...) More
In the “Trinity” project, IAV is using virtual development with the dimensions of physics, geometry and data
Schneller und kostengünstiger zu neuen Aggregaten – das verspricht das IAV-Projekt „Trinity“. (...) More
Approaches to coping with the high level of project complexity in developing systems for automated driving
The goal of being able to drive highly autonomously is leading to profound changes in the automotive industry. (...) More
IAV’s start-to-finish solution chain makes it possible to experience looks and functions at an early stage
The user interface in the vehicle is becoming more and more important (...) More
New processes and open communication: software development is learning from the open-source world
Software development in the automotive sector has been undergoing a process of radical change (...) More
Predictive vehicle maintenance: opportunity and challenge alike
At first sight, things would seem to be clear: for almost 15 years, predictive maintenance has been discussed as a technology from which all customers (...) More
The CES 2019 showed that, in future, all-encompassing expertise to deliver solutions will be more important than ever before
Automotive and IT, hardware and software, products and services: many worlds are currently converging. (...) More
IAV Coquille: a safe, comfortable space for personalized autonomous mobility
Autonomous driving changes everything, including car interiors. IAV is therefore radically redesigning the passenger compartment (...) More
Exciting prospects for future mobility with Side Window Entertainment
Das Seitenfenster macht Karriere: Durch die IAV-Entwicklung „Side Window Entertainment“ (...) More


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