Climate Roller Dynamometer

Our climate roller dynamometer at IAV’s Ingolstadt operation provides the ideal platform for examining and analyzing components as well as entire vehicles.

IAV Klimarolle

Benefiting from a wide temperature range and extreme precision, it can simulate all relevant climatic conditions: from desert climate to environmental conditions in Siberia. The climate roller dynamometer is always exactly calibrated to our clients’ testing conditions and regularly verified to guarantee absolute comparability of results for all measurements – they provide a perfect match with the results from our clients’ test systems. This means that our climate dynamometer enables us to ease the pressure on our client’s testing capacities.

Our all-wheel climate dynamometer with variable wheelbases and axle track widths permits the following measurements on vehicles of many different sizes –from the Smart to the Q7:

  • Heat-up and cool-down behavior
  • Control response of AC systems or components
  • Deicing/demisting
  • Flow behavior
  • Measurement of airflow loss, pressure loss and humidity
  • Sunlight simulation
  • Preconditioning
  • Passenger compartment heating [steady-state / dynamic]
  • Passenger-compartment cooling [steady-state / dynamic]
  • Airflow /differential pressure measurement [driving]
  • Deicing and demisting tests
  • Dehumidification (wind only, without dynamometer)
  • Ascertaining compensation curves
  • Heating control curve 
  • Cooling control curve
  • Airflow / humidity in the passenger compartment

As a world-leading engineering partner, we can give you our comprehensive range of expertise and a wide range of services with the climate roller dynamometer:

  • Climate system expertise and vehicle integration
  • Concept drafting and evaluation
  • Simulation of AC air system and coolant circuit
  • Algorithm development and AC system design
  • Design and validation of AC control/AC electronics
  • Testing and validation of AC components and overall system

In addition to handling turnkey air-conditioning projects – we also hire our climate roller dynamometer to clients for them to conduct their own measurements. We then provide the operators and, if requested, can also offer other services, such as procuring vehicles and fitting them out with measuring equipment. The strict separation of work areas ensures that only those persons involved in a project have access to the test rig, protecting our clients’ prototypes, knowledge and results in the best possible way.

Climate roller dynamometer – technical specifications:

Wheelbase. min/max [m]: 1.8/3.9
Width, min/max [m]: 2.9/3.1
Height, max [m]: 2.85
Discharge cross section (w x h) [m]: 2.0 x 0.8 (1.60 m²)
Roller diameter: 48” (1.219mm)
Operating axle: Front axle, rear axle, all-wheel
Axle load: 2.500 kg
Mass simulation: 600 to 3,000 kg
Tractive power: 5,000 N max.
Acceleration: 3 m/s²
Power output: 150 kW max. @ 100 km/h
Test velocity without head wind: 260 km/h max.
Test velocity with head wind: 130 km/h max.
Temperature range: -30 °C to +55 °C
Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.3 K
Rel. air humidity (@ +5 °C to +55 °C): 15 % to 95 %
Water content x: 31 g/kg max.
Sunlight simulation: 1,100 W/m² max.