Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

We take efficient and cost-effective exhaust-gas recirculation systems to mass production

Working hand in hand, we can help you develop complete exhaust-gas recirculation systems – from the initial concept to the start of production. Our computation specialists ensure optimum functionality: Using 1D and 3D flow simulation, for instance, they optimize the flow of exhaust gas into the intake system. This gives them a homogeneous mixture of air and exhaust gas – essential for engines with low nitrogen-oxide emissions.

Tailored EGR systems

Our designers then turn these requirements into production-ready components – e.g. valves, coolers and lines. In making prototypes and production components, we work closely with the suppliers. This means we can also make sure the EGR system goes into the engine compartment without a problem – to guarantee it does, our experts examine every aspect of assembly with the engine factory. At the end of the development process, you get an EGR system we have tested and evaluated to your specifications. This is where we also use our own test benches for measuring emissions.

To cut the weight of EGR systems in future, we are working on new components like EGR coolers made from cast aluminum components. Not only lighter, they also provide better thermal conductivity and are cheaper to produce. These components are developed using modern methods of computation for thermomechanical design.