Tank Systems

We develop tank systems for liquefied and gaseous fuels from concept to SOP

Tank Systems

Future tank systems for motor vehicles will need to meet a variety of requirements in respect of storage capacity, safety regulations, package demands and operating efficiency. With our many years of experience in developing tank systems for liquefied (gasoline, diesel, bio fuels) and gaseous (compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen) fuels, we can make sure that these demands are met. We have the expertise for developing the optimum tank system for any vehicle – from concept to prototype construction and validation to start of production.

We also possess wide-ranging experience in developing activated-carbon canisters for gasoline-fuel tank systems, both in conformity with ECE as well as with US requirements. By simulating and testing, we can establish whether activated-carbon filters satisfy the statutory emission limits and customer requirements in relation to absorption, desorption and fuel odor. We conduct component SHED tests for determining evaporative emissions in our own testing chambers and perform vehicle SHED measurements on our clients’ certified test benches.

We develop the metering system with Adblue tank, feed line, metering controller and, if necessary, an additional heating system for diesel vehicles with NOx-reducing SCR catalyst systems. We design the fuel cooling surfaces for controlling fuel temperature – necessary in particular for highly supercharged SI / diesel engines. We are also capable of matching tank-systems in vehicle variants to different fuel requirements.

We can carry out all of the testing required for validating and certifying fuel-tank systems on our own test benches or with partner companies. Depending on the project in hand, we also use test benches on location at the customer.