Steering Systems and Power-Assisted Steering

From innovative idea to start of production – we integrate, validate and optimize steering systems and power-assisted steering

In the steering department, we work on aspects ranging from configuration, design and computation to simulating crash performance on the PC. One key activity we attend to on behalf of our clients is integrating the geometry and function of steering systems from different manufacturers at cross-model level. Together with our international subsidiaries, we assume responsibility in localization and developing derivatives in and for new markets.

In addition to conventional hydraulic power steering (HPS) in the automobile segment, we will understand power-assisted steering in future to mean almost exclusively on-demand electromechanical power steering (EPS). Electrohydraulic steering systems will only be used where auxiliary drives for hydraulic pumps have already been dropped but no EPS systems are yet available.

Apart from designing and computing, another focus of our work lies in integrating steering systems into the vehicle’s E/E architecture. In close consultation with our clients, we develop and test hardware, algorithms and software for controlling steering systems and power-assisted steering. We develop test specifications, conduct tests on HiL simulators and perform module, integration and system tests in prototype vehicles for diagnosing systems and testing functions. Using a comprehensive range of measuring equipment and robotics, we develop standardized tests for documenting development results and homologation testing in conformance with applicable standards.