Testing and Calibration

We calibrate the vehicle’s drivability in road tests and on the test bench

We can test and validate entire chassis and control systems or provide individual turn-key services, such as chassis and steering calibration, on a one-stop shop basis. Testing relevant to homologation is also conducted in line with subjective and objective criteria:

  • FMVSS126
  • GOST R 52302-2004
  • Anti-lock braking systems, ESP, EPB tests

Subjective assessment

We evaluate criteria, such as straight-running stability, steering, braking and cornering performance or general ride comfort (suspension / damping, body movement, noise).

Objective assessment

We measure using inertial systems, braking and steering robots, 3D measurement systems for benchmarks tests on the measuring plate or by means of quasi-static component measurement for determining stiffness. The measurements are conducted in the vehicle in line with manufacturer specifications or driving maneuver catalog (such as sudden steering-angle change or slalom test) as well as on the test bench according to specification. We hold DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.

Recording measured data and measurement technology

We obtain excellent test results by focusing on design of experiments, measurement technology, defining and monitoring test conditions as well as evaluation – also using statistical methods.

We have a comprehensive range of measuring tools at our fingertips for the tests we perform: from the brake-pressure sensor and high-resolution steering-torque and angle measurement right through to robotics. We have in-house test benches for K&C, VIMM, torsion and shock absorbers – otherwise we use the test benches of reliable cooperation partners.

Motor-racing testing

  • We also organize tests under motor-racing conditions:
  • Planning and procedural coordination
  • Hiring tracks
  • Involving professional racing / test drivers
  • Evaluating and presenting results

Our test drivers come with broad experience in DTM, World Rally Championship, Dakar Rally and on the “northern loop” of the Nürburgring circuit.