Wheels and Tires

We keep in touch with the roadway by simulating, designing and coordinating wheels and tires as well as monitoring pressure

The tire is the only link between roadway and vehicle. In test drives, the properties of tires and roadway have a huge influence on optimizing the parameterization and calibration of driving dynamics. We have the expertise to take care of conducting all aspects of conclusive test drives for calibrating tires on our client’s behalf. This involves selecting appropriate test runs, providing qualified staff – including state-of-the art measurement and testing equipment – as well as evaluations to analyze suitability for a specific vehicle.

In the various calibration and simulation methods we use for optimizing the chassis, the tire model is an integrative part of the development chain. Conclusive, validated tire models provide the basis for computer-aided development work – from multibody simulation (MBS) of axle systems to HiL simulation for chassis control units.

Developing systems for monitoring tire pressure is a particular focus of our wheel and tire development activities. We work on systems that measure directly (wheel-speed-based) and also indirectly (pressure-sensor-based). Both systems make a significant contribution to road safety as they can prevent accidents through the early detection of insufficient tire pressure. The development focus in direct measuring systems is on signal transmission and display philosophy, in indirect measuring systems on calibrating and validating the correct warning thresholds on a wide range of surfaces and subgrades.