Gaseous-Fuel Engines

No matter whether the CNG drive system is installed entirely in the bus or truck, or whether the gas-powered engine gets its fuel from tanks underneath the trailer: IAV develops integration solutions to the point of manufacturing readiness

Compressed natural gas is one of the cleanest fuels available: CNG-powered vehicles emit up to 25 percent less climate-damaging emissions than vehicles propelled by gasoline engines. Vehicles running on biogas are even almost carbon-neutral. Added to this are economic benefits with fuel costing far less than diesel.

CNG-powered vehicles are still mainly used in short-distance delivery traffic. Whether or not they will become established in long-distance transport will depend on the refueling infrastructure and achievable traveling ranges.

IAV benefits from detailed, comprehensive expertise in the entire vehicle. This means we can integrate the gaseous-fuel system with perfect results while also taking account of interfaces and influencing factors in an optimum way. In addition to optimizing drivability and exhaust emissions in gaseous-fuel mode, we can provide any activity requested from the entire vehicle development spectrum: base engine development, electrics / electronics, body adaptation and package of CNG-specific components in the truck and in the trailer, validation and endurance testing, homologation support as well as production planning and training for the production staff of our OEM partners.