Operating Concepts

From concept to mass production – we take an integrated approach to control concepts

Control Concepts

Many new vehicle functions and electronic assistants demand ergonomic control concepts for the cockpit. Our experts can advise you as early as the concept phase and engineer a full control concept to integrate a new driver-assist system, for instance. During the development process, we provide assistance in managing suppliers and make sure whatever we develop conforms to specifications. Using computer simulations, we bring the concept to life early on, with our experts from prototyping building complete prototypes in the next step – and providing the basis for developers and potential users to try out the control concept first-hand while the development process is still in its infancy.

Verifying concepts realized in this way, we carry out user studies – starting from selecting test candidates and producing the rating catalog to organizing and conducting test drives as well as evaluating study results.

Together with our colleagues from other IAV departments we conclude the development process by compiling an exact specification for mass production. Once this has been done, we also assist our clients in developing hardware and software, every aspect of testing as well as final release.

Major influence from consumer electronics

In future, the user interface will increasingly be defined by devices from the world of consumer electronics – in a few years’ time, for instance, integrating smart phones and “apps” for vehicles will be par for the course. We devote attention to trends like these in just the same way as we do to voice control in the cockpit, multi-display systems for rear-seat entertainment and instrument clusters which – depending on context – no longer use conventional “tubes” but electronic screens capable of displaying all manner of information.