Instrument Panel

We have the expertise for developing instrument panels and supporting structures

Instrument Panel

We can offer you an all-in package for developing instrument panels. Together with your colleagues from Vehicle Safety, our specialists take care of all development activities – from the initial sketch to design and testing, and from prototypes to the start of production. This is where you benefit from IAV’s expertise in the entire vehicle: At IAV, our all-embracing know-how is pooled under one roof – guaranteeing short channels and fast coordination processes. Our team not only develops the visible parts of the instrument panel but also the supporting structures behind it. Today, most of these are constructed of metal – but we are also investigating hybrid systems consisting, for example, of a combination of plastic and metal that also makes them much lighter.

Special solutions for low-volume vehicles

For derivatives produced on a small scale, we develop special solutions that are particularly economical to manufacture – such as trim parts in LFI technology as well as CFRP structural parts that are especially suitable for low-volume vehicles and special requirements.

When it comes to the individualized integration of consumer electronics, concepts are needed that lend themselves to mass production – we provide easy-to-manufacture detail solutions.