We develop chassis and brake systems for heavy-duty commercial vehicles and buses

From concept and system development right through to project coordination and prototyping: In developing chassis and brakes for commercial vehicles, IAV provides an all-encompassing service on a one-stop shop basis.

At the start of a project, we get together with our clients and define all of the technical requirements on chassis and brake systems. We configure rolling chassis using multi-body simulation (MBS) – this also allows us to simulate complete vehicles on real-world roadways, enabling us from the outset to take into account the effects of driving dynamics. We use the results of MBS and the requirements defined in the specification as the basis for designing chassis and brake components and subsystems. To do this, we can use various CAD systems and match them to the specific demands of our clients. At the design stage too, we validate axles, steering system and brakes early on in the process using models as a way of quickly identifying deviations from the specification.

To validate components and entire chassis, we use FEM tools that also let us optimize component topology and, as a result, minimize material input and weight. Bench testing and test drives give us information on the stability and ride comfort of new chassis. We can also examine the functions of mechatronic subsystems on HiL test benches. We construct prototypes of components and entire chassis in cooperation with our TRE subsidiary, one of Germany’s leading companies in chassis development.