Model-Based Calibration

We develop efficient processes for optimizing engine parameters

More and more functions need to be optimized and configured for calibrating modern combustion engine maps. Planned in advance, systematic measurements must be carried out on the engine test bench to perform the calibration process as efficiently as possible. We have developed the EasyDoE software for planning, conducting and optimizing complex testing activities with user prompting.

EasyDoE is based on the Design of Experiments (DoE) method. We have adapted the software specifically for applications in the automotive sector. This way, for example, it is possible to find, compute and export maps of the type used in control units.

Intuitive User Prompting

EasyDoE guides the user through the application on a workflow basis: from planning tests to optimization and evaluation. The sequence and different options can be matched to the client’s particular wishes. In the developer edition, users themselves can also adjust the process to suit their needs and implement their own optimization algorithms.

EasyDoE supports the user in all process steps:

  1. Defining test parameters and the required measured variables
  2. Creating test plans using mathematical algorithms
  3. Importing measured data and checking their quality
  4. Generating mathematical models for any measured variable
  5. Optimization to user-defined criteria on the basis of the models generated
  6. Displaying, evaluating and exporting results

EasyDoE is used for calibrating diesel and spark-ignition engines by finding optimal solutions to high-dimensional problems in offline mode.