Test Bench Automation

We optimize the calibration process on the test bench with our ORION automation system

Optimizing today’s combustion engines involves extensive test bench measurements. The engine is measured in a steady state, i.e. at a constant operating point, as well as dynamically, i.e. with operating points changing.

It is necessary in all measurements to ensure that the engine runs within its operating limits, i.e. not violating any of them. These limits may be emissions, maximum cylinder pressure or knocking limit.

We perform these measurements automatically using ORION, a system we have developed in cooperation with A&D Company Ltd. With the capability of parameterizing test processes, this allows us to produce complicated automation sequences for the engine test bench.

ORION provides an automated basis for running measurement plans generated, for example, with a DoE tool like EasyDoE. Automating the test bench with ORION cuts measuring time while also enhancing the quality of measurement and documentation.