Light and Vision

The Light and Vision department’s portfolio covers the development of forward, rearward and interior lighting systems through to wiper systems

Modern and intelligent lighting systems are distinguished by their dynamics and adaptability. This is particularly noticeable in the domain of forward lighting: Modern headlamps are capable of adapting to the driver’s needs in any road situation. But cab lighting must also be designed for various use concepts, such as driving, journey breaks and rest periods. LED lighting can be cleverly installed in the cab interior, and color spectra can be varied in any chosen way.

We can provide you with support from concept phase to supplier management. Our focus here is on design coordination, simulation, class-A surfaces, design, integration, testing and supplier management.

In particular, we benefit from comprehensive expertise in evaluating lighting equipment. In our large, self-supporting indoor light testing facility we can assess all aspects of relevance to modern and intelligent lighting under constant boundary and general conditions.