Powertrain Electrification

Our concepts for laying out electric powertrains are guided by efficiency and safety

Delivering a high level of efficiency and torque, electric motors provide the best platform for an efficient powertrain. But getting the most out of this efficiency demands a powertrain that meets this demand in the best way possible. Our development engineers possess the experience for evaluating all components in line with the client’s specifications and for optimally integrating them into the powertrain – regardless of whether the electric powertrain is only being developed to meet the needs of an electric vehicles or whether it is being integrated into an existing platform. Our expertise covers the mechanical, electric and thermal design.

In configuring the powertrain, we make sure that installed components as well as the complete powertrain satisfy all requirements on high-voltage safety and EMC. We work with our clients in developing test methods and appropriate measurement specifications for complete subsystems. Only when all components perfectly interact it is possible to ensure flawless operation. At the end of the development process, we also put the components, subsystems as well as entire prototypes through extensive tests. This is done using our own test benches for e-machines, storage batteries, subsystems and entire powertrains, including transmission units.

Our range of services:

  • Develop powertrain concepts
  • Simulate powertrain concepts
  • Evaluate and analyze existing competitor concepts
  • Configure, design, simulate and construct e-drives
  • Select and qualify components
  • Select and qualify suppliers
  • Construct prototypes
  • Integrate powertrains
  • Calibrate and validate
  • Provide support after the start of production
  • Optimize components
  • Provide quality assurance
  • Oversee field tests