E-Fleet Operation

We take direct responsibility for testing and managing e-vehicle fleets on behalf of our clients

Fleet testing

When new vehicle concepts are launched onto the market, it is essential to obtain reliable feedback from professional drivers early on. A fleet test provides information on the flawless integration of all systems in the vehicle as well as insight on quality in the field. Given our many years of experience in test projects, we can offer our clients the necessary expertise and comprehensive service in fleet-testing e-vehicles.

Our range of services:

  • Create fleet-testing concepts
  • Organize test persons and trained drivers, fleets and test drives
  • Select and install measuring equipment
  • Evaluate measurement data on a client-specific basis
  • Compile conclusive reports

Recharging concepts

To recharge battery-operated electric vehicles, charging stations must be attainable at appropriate places. For a fleet of e-vehicles, a demand-specific charging station may be worthwhile. We produce and implement efficient recharging concepts for our clients.

Our range of services:

  • Analyze demand
  • Draw up concepts for direct-current, alternating-current and induction charging (AC / DC / IET charging)
  • Build charging stations for prototypes and small-volume production
  • Implement recharging interfaces into vehicles
  • Cooperate with energy-supply companies

Fleet and vehicle support

With the service we provide, we take care of staff training and instruction and ensure smooth collaboration with competent client workshops. We also organize the procurement and stock-keeping of replacement parts, make sure hardware and software are updated and compile fault analyses and reports.