HV Energy Management

We develop the software and hardware for HV-energy-management systems and integrate them into the vehicle

HV Energy Management

The cruising range of an electric vehicle largely depends on the careful use of available energy. This demands efficient energy management. Using intelligent algorithms for controlling the energy flows, we make sure the energy stored in the battery is always available for running the electric motor at high-voltage level, and for accessory loads, such as lighting, heating and air-conditioning, at 12-volt level – without impairing tractive power or passenger comfort.

We develop both the hardware as well as the algorithms and software for HV-energy-management systems. Using out own prototype control unit based on IAV-UCU, we can quickly validate and verify the basic software and algorithms for controlling a prototype. We then develop the algorithms as far as the finished, production-ready software.

This is what we do:

  • Develop energy-management systems (requirements management algorithm development, hardware development, software development) across the entire development process to production level, including concept, specification, simulation, integration and testing
  • Develop overarching strategies for controlling consumption as well as in relation to safety concepts and simulation
  • Conduct HiL and MiL simulation and validate software
  • Analyze existing systems and record power users with the vehicle running and at rest, evaluate power-user efficiency
  • Validate systems and carry out field tests