HV Energy Storage Systems

We develop high-voltage batteries from the concept and configuration phase through to integration and validation in electric vehicles

Electric vehicles require HV batteries with high storage density, high rated capacity and a high level of operating safety to meet consumer demands on traveling range, charging time and driving dynamics. We develop the best possible battery systems for every e-vehicle. This is what we do:

  • Define concepts for power batteries and develop prototypes with a focus on: thermal management (cooling and preconditioning), battery management (state of battery charge, overcharging and exhaustive-discharge protection), modular and scalable prototypes
  • Design the power-battery casing, configure power batteries and fully integrate them into the vehicle
  • Lay out and configure the internal and external high-voltage wiring
  • Ensure overall integration with the electric drive into the vehicle
  • Implement early diagnosability
  • Validate concepts running on the test bench and in the vehicle

We use our own battery management system that supports all relevant system requirements and make sure they are met in battery systems for prototypes and low-volume production. This includes cell-state detection (SOC, SOH, SOF), cell monitoring, prediction of power output, operating strategy, thermal management, cell balancing and HV charge management. Thermal management is simulated and cell behavior validated under electrical and thermal load in IAV’s own test rigs and climate chambers.

Given our many years of experience in developing HV batteries and our expertise in the entire vehicle, we can also take direct responsibility for activities involved in introducing them into mass production – from development management to implementing OEM-specific software and configuring batteries that make optimum use of package.