Combined Heat and Power Generation

New quality standard through automotive expertise

Combining the generation of heat and power (CHP) provides a way of optimizing energy use. Simultaneously producing electric power and heat in a plant significantly improves efficiency and in many cases reaches the physical maximum. At the heart of most combined heat and power (CHP) plants is a combustion engine that runs on compressed natural gas – our expertise from automotive development consequently allows us to raise the quality standard of CHP plants to a completely new level.

Our experts configure engine and generator for optimum efficiency in stationary operation and for maximum life. We can take care of every step in the development process from design, computation, simulation and calibration to the overall system. This involves developing the hardware and software for the control system while also taking into account all relevant safety standards from the industrial and consumer domain. We examine components and overall systems in our laboratories and test rigs, and also construct or acquire prototypes.

In all activities we always keep a focus on costs: Profitability analyses and rigorous cost engineering give us the key to reducing development and production costs. We have already demonstrated our expertise through our work with Volkswagen: We have developed a low-cost safety control unit that is many times less expensive than previous control cabinet solutions for a CHP plant based on a volume-produced CNG engine.