Large Wind Turbines

IAV develops dedicated solutions for large wind farms

Large wind turbines are the cornerstone of the energy transition. They reliably deliver vast quantities of environmentally friendly electricity both on and off-shore. But their yield and lifespan can only be optimized if their open-loop and closed-loop control systems always take account of the capacities they currently need to supply – such as the angle at which the rotor blades are positioned. Matters of a very similar nature are also encountered in automotive engineering, such as in controlling powertrain vibration.

Proceeding from our automotive expertise, it is for this reason that we offer solutions tailored specifically to large wind turbine systems – from modeling the entire system and gearing the open-loop and closed-loop control system to actual demand to adapting energy flow levels and matching hardware and software to the specific application. This is something we do using proven and cost-effective components from automobile production (e.g. sensors and actuators) and as well as established methods and tools for software and dataset management, like IAV’s “CalGuide” tool.

We also place a focus on monitoring: hardware and software from IAV, for example, prevents overloading – in exactly the same way as our control units from the automotive segment. And we pay strict attention to cost engineering just as we do as volume vehicle developers.