Autonomous Energy Supply

We give people clean electricity

Many regions in the world have no infrastructure for distributing energy. This is where autonomous and decentralized solutions are needed for supplying electric power – such as the energy container from IAV: It is made up of solar modules, a small wind turbine, an optional diesel generator, accumulators and a control system for this mobile combined heat and power unit. The system is designed so that it can be shipped quickly and easily to any part of the world and installed anywhere: All components are accommodated in a standardized 20-foot shipping container that needs no foundation at the point of use – the standing surface merely needs to be flat, with only three persons required for setting it up.

Through a power inverter IAV’s energy container delivers a maximum power output of 15 kW– coming from the accumulators with a total capacity of around 38 kilowatt-hours. Up to 9.6 kW can be added to this from the solar panels, and the small wind turbine (hub height: 23 meters) can contribute a further 3.5 kW in total. If necessary, it is also possible to connect additional solar panels and small wind turbines as well as a combined heat and power unit (CHP), providing twelve different power options. In standalone mode (“off-grid”), the energy container stores energy or supplies it directly to the power consumers. Networked with the power grid (“on-grid”) it can also feed electricity into the power grid. Several energy containers can be connected in parallel to increase total power output.

The energy container from IAV is not only suitable for use in underdeveloped regions or in developing countries – it can also be used as a power source in agriculture or for disaster relief. It can take on important functions even in highly developed grids, as a charging station for e-vehicles or as a grid stabilizer for example.