Energy Conservation

The industry of the future: more competitive by improving efficiency

Energy efficiency has become one of the key competitive factors today for many companies – because anyone continuing to minimize their energy consumption is always a crucial step ahead of the competition. This is why the future lies in energy-efficient factories, just as it does in energy-efficient vehicles: Minimum fuel consumption and optimized thermal management are a must here too. This puts energy efficiency right at the top of IAV’s agenda where it has been for many years.

Optimizing the use of energy demands detailed information on the many power users within a plant. In an initial step, our experts measure the load profiles of all components – using these readings and simulation, they can accurately predict consumption levels and, with this information, create the basis for creating economy measures. To do this, we successfully use the same state-of-the-art measurement technology and methods of computation as we do in our automotive development projects.

The next step is about using energy more intelligently. This is where IAV’s energy management systems come in. These have already proven their worth in our energy container and in the CHP unit we have developed: They guarantee maximum efficiency and combine various energy generators in the best possible way – on request, we can also give our clients tailor-made solutions combining renewable and conventional sources of energy.