Energy Generation

In future much more of our electricity will come from renewable sources than it does today. A key role here will go to wind power that is capable of delivering vast quantities of sustainably generated energy on land (onshore) and at sea (offshore). Applying our tried and proven engineering methods and tools, we can develop customized solutions for large-scale wind farms. But autonomous, smaller-scale wind turbines can also be an attractive option in many regions – wherever there is hardly any infrastructure for distributing energy. It is here that IAV can develop all-encompassing system solutions while also providing its expertise in electric motors and generators.

In the future too, however, there will be no alternative to conventional energy sources, like gas. It is imperative that we use them as efficiently as possible – for example by combining heat and power generators (CHP). IAV has already developed innovative solutions and adapted a vehicle engine to run on gaseous fuels in stationary applications. Decentralized combined heat and power units of this type for domestic heating systems are essential to ensuring a stable electricity supply.