Body Structure - Doors, Flaps and Lids

Lower weight from intelligent designs and new materials

Body weight plays a huge part in developing vehicles – this is why we are hard at work on the subject of lightweight design: We develop inexpensive yet intelligent structures and components that combine low weight with high rigidity to provide protection in the event of impacts. In configuring structures though, we also focus attention on materials like CFRP, aluminum and complex composite designs – this is where attention centers on how they affect stiffness and safety as well as on the influence they have on pedestrian protection. A new challenge is also being posed by alternative drives that are playing an ever-greater part in developing body structures.

Door and flap concepts for all demands

We develop the door concept to match your new vehicle. Our designers make sure doors can be opened and closed without a problem throughout the vehicle’s life cycle while satisfying every demand on design and impact safety. We also ensure that locks, window lifts and hinges are easy to operate and doors produce no irritating noises while the vehicle is in motion. We use our own tools for configuring hinge and gas springs in designing flaps and lids – because this allows our developers to optimize the forces required for opening and closing them. On our numerous test benches, we guarantee that initial prototypes work in exactly the way they should – not only confirming they comply with the law but also with manufacturer specifications.