Front-End and Rear-End Systems

We develop exterior components that combine optimum functionality with a perfect look

Our developers design front and rear-end systems that follow your specifications to the letter: At the front end we take care of bumpers, fan and radiator grilles, the cross members in front of the engine, mounts for pedestrian protection components as well as supports for radiator and headlamp modules – needless to say, also integrating the functional components of driver-assist systems, lamps as well as headlamp wiper-washers. At the rear end we develop bumpers, impact cross members and carry out package studies for trailer hitches. We work closely with component suppliers providing them with support in their development activities and at the start of production. Our portfolio also includes package and function analyses, developing gray-zone area class-A surfaces as well as validating internationally applicable crash-related requirements. In the development process, we make sure that all components are easy to repair and service which keeps maintenance costs down and lowers insurance premiums. Not only are we at your side from the concept phase to SOP, but also work with related IAV departments – such as our colleagues from Calculation/Simulation and from our crash testing facility.

Lightweight Construction and Innovative Jointing Concepts

To save weight, we also focus our attention on the subject of lightweight construction – such as on cross members made of aluminum or high-strength steels as well as hybrid-design modules in steel and plastic. For a perfected look, our specialists apply jointing concepts that ensure a precision fit: Selecting the appropriate materials and optimized substructures, for example, they can minimize the joint between bumper and body, significantly improving your vehicle’s appearance.