E/E Architecture

Integrating connected and distributed systems demands far-reaching expertise. In addition to defining the appropriate hardware and software, it is also a matter of ensuring power supply, data communication and EMC in the vehicle‘s electronic topology.

Our experts can provide you with all-embracing support in every phase of the ‘V-model’ process, from defining the specification, developing the hardware, software and vehicle electrical system to testing.

Comfort and Body Electronics

Most of the control units in a vehicle are responsible for comfort and body functions. They not only control the doors or seats but also the interaction of numerous functions. We assist suppliers, for instance, in developing complex body control modules and gateways – from drawing up concepts and defining specifications to managing the actual development activity and final testing. Here, the system specification is geared towards the vehicle’s IT architecture. IAV can handle entire development packages, taking much of the work load off the OEMs – if requested, this can also include developing volume-production software.

Vehicle Electrical System

We are in full command of the entire development process from the initial concept to the start of production and beyond – we also provide our clients and their repair shops with after-sales support if problems occur in customer vehicles. In particular, the advent of high voltage in the vehicle comes with new challenges for the developers of vehicle electrical systems in relation to crash behavior, EMC, high-voltage safety and laying high-voltage cables. Our vehicle electrical system specialists also provide component suppliers with support: We qualify new suppliers on behalf of vehicle manufacturers, assist them with introducing established development processes and take tried and proven development tools to new markets.

Designing and Integrating Antennas

The number of antennas in vehicles is growing all the time – they are required for receiving television and radio, connecting the vehicle to the mobile telephone system and to telematics services, receiving satellite navigation data and for numerous comfort functions. Our antenna experts oversee the development process from defining concepts, compiling specifications and supplier management to conducting measurements on components and the entire vehicle. We can advise you in selecting antennas and give recommendations on where to place them best while taking into account technical aspects and your design specifications.