We develop and optimize all components from the hybrid system

All components in the hybrid powertrain must be coordinated to optimize performance, ride comfort and fuel economy for the drive concept. Our unparalleled expertise in the entire vehicle puts us in a position to develop all components for complex hybrid systems to the level of mass production. We meet the demands placed on functionality and efficiency by following a start-to-finish process for developing components, functional assemblies and complete hybrid systems. Our development teams selectively use design and simulation tools, some of which have been engineered in house, state-of-the-art CAD and PDM systems as well as a wide range of measuring and testing equipment.

Our field of expertise for hybrid systems:

Hybrid powertrain

  • System architecture
  • Functional safety to ISO 26262
  • Powertrain management
  • System integration and testing

Internal combustion engine

  • Base engine as well as all auxiliaries
  • Control unit calibration and algorithm development
  • Performance and consumption technologies, e.g. GDI, variable valve trains, supercharged engines, downsizing


  • AMT, DCT, AT, CVT, eCVT etc.
  • Development, integration and transfer to mass production under the aspects of hybrid-specific configuration
  • Generation of structurally optimized hybrid transmission architectures
  • Concept definition, design, simulation, prototyping and testing
  • Development and integration of hybrid separating clutches
  • Integration of electric machines in the transmission system
  • Transmissions and separating clutches for axle hybrids, serial hybrids, range extenders and custom designs
  • Transmission management

Electric machines

  • Concept, design and prototyping
  • Package, cooling
  • Control
  • System integration and  testing

Energy storage system

  • NiMh, li-ion, ultra-caps
  • Battery management
  • Cooling / conditioning
  • Installation / production concept, simulation, design, testing

Power electronics

  • Inverter
  • DC/DC converter
  • Cooling
  • Open / closed-loop control

Wiring harness

  • High-voltage
  • Low-voltage and signal lines
  • Plug concept, relays and fuse box
  • EMC and safety