IAV can give you start-to-finish system development on a one-stop basis

Demands on the comfort of vehicles are growing all the time – yet at the same time, they are to use less fuel. This prompts the need to step up development work in the domain of air-conditioning systems too: They must be made more energy-efficient without reducing their cooling capacity. This is being accompanied by new challenges from electromobility. In electric vehicles, the battery also has to deliver the energy for generating heat – each kilowatt used unnecessarily immediately shortens the travelling range.

In-house developments cut the energy used for air-conditioning

IAV can help you overcome these challenges. Our experts have been developing complete air-conditioning systems for over 15 years – from the initial concept to the start of production. We are working on integrating heaters and air-conditioners, condensers, compressors, air ducts and air vents into vehicles. Time and again, the solutions we develop take us to the cutting edge of technology. For instance, we have developed a patented heat pump with two water circuits and a cooling circuit – this significantly reduces energy spent on heating which, above all, comes to bear in electric vehicles. We can also provide a pleasant climate with innovative surface heaters that use a minimal amount of energy.

For our projects, we can draw on state-of-the-art development tools and testing facilities. We can use Star CD, Dymola and Star CCM+ to simulate the system early on in the process, and on the design side we employ the Catia V5 tool as well as EFD analyses. We test component and system performance under extreme conditions on our numerous climate test rigs – these allow us to examine heating and cooling just as they do windshield de-icing and demisting, for example.