Energy Management

We make sure components and vehicles squeeze every last drop out of the energy they use

Mechanical, electric and thermal energy keeps vehicles in motion and occupants in comfort. Our energy management experts are specialized in maximizing energy-flow efficiency: Hand in hand with their colleagues from other departments, they analyze energy flows across all disciplines – because energy management is a key function that demands expertise in the entire vehicle.


We want to know at the earliest possible stage whether a concept is capable of meeting our client’s specifications. This is why we simulate the flows of energy and the way all components interact with a high level of precision within a percentage tolerance. This helps us in laying out and rating components and systems, and prevents unwelcome surprises in later development phases.

Open and closed-loop control of integrated vehicle functions

Our integrated approach to functions opens up new ways of looking at improving energy efficiency. Besides operating actuators to save energy, efficient control strategies provide the key to implementing systems with the margin of success our clients want to achieve. In full command of the systems involved, our experts can develop these control strategies and use modern rapid-prototype methods for testing new ideas in the vehicle at an early stage.

Measurement and comparison

Benefiting from huge test-bench capacities, IAV is capable of analyzing every detail of new products. Our test benches and cold chambers allow us, for example, to examine the way components and vehicles perform at low temperatures. Using high-precision measuring equipment, we record quiescent and operating currents in vehicles and determine energy flows in the e-vehicle’s high-voltage system.