Functional Safety

Our technical solutions allow us to identify and avoid risks in developing electronic functions

From as long ago as the end of the 1990s we have been looking at the question of how to develop electronic vehicle functions that provide the greatest possible degree of reliability. Our aim: to implement technical solutions that can be used to identify potential hazards with sufficient probability and avoid them. Our job is to locate potential hazards as early as the initial stage of developing vehicle functions and give the development engineers tailored safety specifications. During the development process, we analyze and test the proposed and implemented functional and technical solutions across all development phases.

IAV has experienced experts trained in safety matters

In recent years, standards for the safety-related development process have become established in all relevant segments of industry with the adoption of associated normative documents. The automotive industry has developed its own set of overarching standards that are increasingly becoming established in the form of ISO standard ISO 26262. Our engineers are trained and well-versed in applying this standard to the safety-related development process and ensure its application in development projects.