Integral Safety Concepts

Intelligent combination of various measures to enhance road safety

The European Commission’s White Paper on transport wants to move close to zero fatalities in road transport by 2050 – Vision Zero:

In line with this goal, the EU aims at halving road casualties by 2020. Make sure that the EU is a world leader in the safety and security of all modes of transport.
White Paper on Transport 2011, section 2.5 (9)

In relation to the world of motor vehicles, these goals can only be achieved with a high level of connectivity in the overall vehicle. Implementing this vision demands a clever combination of driver assistance systems with the predictive active and passive safety functions as well as Car2X communication. Given access to the data from several sensors, integral safety systems can avoid accidents or significantly mitigate their consequences. The interplay among the various technical disciplines poses a particular difficulty in developing integral safety concepts. The heterogeneous tool and process environment that often exists prevents any integrated approach to defining and evaluating concepts.

Our interdisciplinary team can provide you with support from the concept development phase to the start of production and help you overcome the many minor and major problems encountered in the development process with expertise and special tools. No matter whether you are looking to develop a predictive restraint system or a collision avoidance system with driver monitoring, IAV can assist you every step of the way. Our experts can draw up initial concepts and map out scenarios for crash tests conducted in our own facilities or validated in test drives using the “PreCrash boom” that has been developed in-house specifically for this purpose.